Booking Process

1. Email us confirming you wish to book with dates.

2. Send Deposit payment and fill the booking form from our website. Payment can be made via paypal (account or Bank check (cheque) via postal service. The deposit is £150.00 / $225.00 per weekend the balance will be due 8 weeks prior to your holiday.

3. We will email you Booking confirmation and receipt.

4. 8 weeks prior to your holiday, you make the balance payment.

5. We will email you Full Villa details, Management company details, Receipt, Directions and Key information.

6. If you are travelling from Europe, You will need to get ESTA (Pre entry authorisation) prior to your travel.

7. You check details of the email we send you and take a copy with you for your reference.

8. When you arrive at the Villa, There will be a lock box outside of the house with a combination lock. You enter the unique code we send you and the box will reveal the front door key (Be sure to have your alarm code handy when entering the house as false alarm will cause penalty).

9. The management company will call you normally the following day to arrange to meet at your convenient time.
You do not need to wait for their call if you have other arrangements. The purpose of their visit is to answer any queries you may have, How appliance operate and to take detail of valid credit card for security in the unlikely event of any damages during your stay.

10. The most important point is for you to have fun and enjoy your holiday.

11. On departure, you secure all doors and windows and put the key back in the lockbox.

12. We would appreciate if you could drop us an email with your testimonial.